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Tax Executives Institute (TEI) is the pre-eminent professional organization of in-house Tax Professionals. Our members are in-house business executives who are responsible for taxation matters on an administrative or policy-making level, or whose work is otherwise primarily concerned with the problems of business taxation. TEI members are accountants, lawyers, and other corporate and business employees who are responsible for the tax affairs of their employers in an executive, administrative or managerial capacity. The distinguishing feature of Tax Executives Institute is that it is an association of in-house tax professionals – so persons engaged in public tax practice in law firms and accounting firms may not join.

We are some 300 Tax Executives in the TEI EMEA Chapter from all over Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Our History
TEI was founded in June of 1944 by a group of 15 prominent corporate tax executives in New York City. Today the institute has nearly 7,000 members, aligned in 54 separate chapters, and representing over 3,200 leading businesses in the United States, Canada, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. Approximately 10 percent of the Institute's members are affiliated with Canadian corporations. In 1999, TEI founded its first chapter in Europe and a chapter in Asia in 2005. In 2009 the European chapter changed to EMEA chapter so it also covers Middle East & Africa

The mission of Tax Executives Institute is to enhance and improve the tax system and to serve its members, their employers, and society generally by facilitating interaction among, and the training of, members and their staffs, by effectively advocating its members’ views, and by promoting competence and professionalism in both the private and government sectors.

Tax Executives Institute is dedicated to the development of sound tax policy, compliance with and uniform enforcement of tax laws, and minimization of administration and compliance costs to the benefit of both government and taxpayers. These goals can be attained only through the members’ voluntary actions and their adherence to the highest standards of professional competence and integrity.


  • To facilitate the association of professionals whose work is principally concerned with administering the tax affairs of business entities and to enhance the role of tax executives in the management of those entities.

  • To promote an awareness among business entities and government of the significance of both taxes and tax administration as a cost of business and a factor in global competitiveness, and of the importance of sound business tax management practices.

  • To promote and support the improvement of the tax laws, and of their administration, at all levels of government.

  • To cooperate and exchange ideas with government tax officials for the purpose of identifying and resolving issues and problems in tax administration.

  • To promote the interchange of ideas and mutual assistance among the members, and between the members and government tax of officials.

  • To promote high standards of competence, professionalism, and performance in business tax management and government tax administration.

  • To obtain and disseminate information on the subject of taxation for the benefit of the members, their employers, and other interested parties, through educational programs, publications, or otherwise.
TEI EMEA Chapter
The EMEA Chapter of TEI shares these same goals and objectives – education, networking, advocacy – and we put them into practice in the following ways:

Education: The Chapter holds three meetings per year, one each in the Fall, Winter, and Spring, in different locations within the chapters region. The format of these meetings includes a full-day educational program presented by a professional firm and a chapter day. We try to ensure that we have meetings at least once every year in one of the hub areas where the majority of our members are located (that is Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Switzerland and UK) and one in a potential growth area.

The Chapter also sponsors a number of committees and discussion groups that hold regular conference call meetings on their specialised topics.

Currently, we have discussion groups focused on the following subjects:
  • European Direct Tax Committee: Chair An Theeuwes
  • Indirect Tax Committee: Chair Jean-Daniel Rouvinez
  • Permanent Establishments:Chair Nick Hasenoehrl
  • Tax Audits: Chair Virginie Jordan
  • Transfer Pricing: Chair Alain Berlier
  • Corporate Tax Management: Chair Christer Bell
  • Obama/US Tax – Chair Nick Hasenoehrl

Networking: The Chapter holds its Chapter meetings over the course of two consecutive days. This allows the sponsoring professional firm to host a dinner between the days during which members have the opportunity to interact with colleagues as well as tax professionals from the sponsoring organisation in an informal setting. During the Chapter meeting, there is a Roundtable segment which allows members to exchange information and identify members with similar issues.

The EMEA Chapter is a friendly, welcoming organisation that prides itself on encouraging new members’ participation in Chapter activities.

You can also find us at “LinkedIn” at

Advocacy: The Chapter advocacy activities have been spotlighted during the years with the formation of a European Direct Tax committee, to continue the Chapter’s successful advocacy efforts with the European Commission and the OECD and to initiate other appropriate advocacy projects. Recent Chapter advocacy included:

A paper summarising TEI remarks on the deferred tax treatment of unrealised margins and inventory under IAS 12, which was submitted to the International Accounting Standards Board;

Comments provided to the OECD relating to an OECD Discussion Draft on the Attribution of Profits to Permanent Establishments;

Analysis of the EU Invoicing Directive prepared by the Indirect Tax Committee, to identify where the Directive is ambiguous and how specific Member States are not in compliance with the Directive.

A paper on the Safe Harbour rules.

The EMEA Chapter is pleased to welcome new members in our efforts to extend the benefits of TEI membership throughout the European, Middle East and African business tax community. You can apply online at http://www.tei.org/membership/Pages/apply_online.aspx

Please feel free to attend one of our meetings as a Non-Member, to see how you can benefit from membership and participation in the activities of the EMEA Chapter, or contact us for further information.

We welcome business tax professionals from both direct and indirect tax specialties, from all industries and from any country.

Additional information about TEI can be found at www.tei.org and on http://www.tei-europe.org/events/index.html

Kind regards,

Clive Baxter
President, 2010/2011
EMEA chapter

Jean Daniel Rouvinez
Secretary, 2010/2011
EMEA Chapter

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