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TEI EMEA Autumn Conference

17 - 18 November 2016
In Leiden, Netherlands


FINDING THE VALUE: Tax considerations and BEPS legacy on transfer pricing, value chain analysis and change to the value chain

The registration for the TEI Fall Conference in Leiden is now open – member and non-member in-house tax professionals are very welcome. More information on the program and logistics is now available and you can register for the meeting, to be held in Leiden on 17 th and 18 th November 2016, by using the Register menu option on the left.

Sponsor & Theme

We are very happy to be sponsored again by BonelliErde ( www.belex.com), who will sponsor the conference as well as the lunches, drinks and the Thursday dinner. The sponsor is organizing this event with the TEI EMEA Education Committee in conjunction with the International Tax Center (ITC) ( www.itc-leiden.n/) and all are working hard on securing key internal and external speakers for exiting agenda they have set for the conference.

Bonelli is producing a fantastic agenda for the Education day on transfer pricing and value chain analysis as well as on tax challenges regarding changes in the value chain, covering both direct and indirect tax aspects. We will be hearing from our sponsor ’s experts, the experts in their network as well as from some of our members on how to deal with multinational structures and value change analysis post BEPS . The most recent developments at the OECD and the EU will off course be covered. As always, our Indirect Tax Committee is setting up interesting VAT sessions on current topics, also intersecting with transfer pricing and Customs.

We thought the time was ripe to work with a sponsor who brought in an academic institution – both Bonelli and TEI have good connections with ITC and we are very happy to be able to have our Chapter Day at the International Tax Center in Leiden itself. We will at some point be joined by Prof Kees van Raad as well as with Stefano Simontacchi, leader of the ITC’s new Transfer Pricing as well as Senior Partner at Bonelli. We are working to have top external experts joining our Committee meetings – the Indirect Tax Committee is expecting high level engagements with EU and Dutch policy makers for the Chapter day.

After the Chapter Day, Bonelli will host us for drinks on a boat on the Leiden canals to have dinner at Het Prentenkabinet ( www.prentenkabinet.nl) afterwards.

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Location, fees and hotel

The conference fee is only EUR 200 for TEI members and EUR 300 for non-TEI members! We are looking forward to welcoming existing as well as potentially new TEI members – the latter can attend their first conference for free! You are very welcome to forward this invitation to colleagues or other Tax in-house tax professionals in your network.

We have secured a number of hotel rooms at the Hampshire Fitland Hotel in Leiden. Please refer to the hotel page for some other hotel options as well. Hotel & Logistics page.

Whereas the Chapter Day will take place at the ITC, the Education Day will take place at the Fitland Hotel, near Leiden Central Station. To close out the working week in the Netherlands, we hope to host a “borrel ” – Friday drink after the conference in the Fitland – in case you have a short drive home or a late flight out …

We look forward to seeing and working with you again soon in Leiden!

With my kind regards,

Anna Theeuwes

2016-2017 TEI EMEA President

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